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Sizergh Controller MotherboardThe Sizergh Controller PCB is a Eurocard, (160 x 100 mm), with a maximum height of 6 TE (~ 30 mm). Connectors are provided to the system, the on/off switch, optional rotary selector and display. It is self-contained and manual selection of the system set point demand is via the rotary selector. The Motherboard may be mounted hidden within the equipment, directly into a 19-inch racking system or in a mounting case .

DBVM Clean Tent Sizergh Interface Programme Isolator Test ResultThe Sizergh Interface Programme (SIP) provides for both Basic and Advanced users. Sipbas.exe, with a reduced control set, prevents unskilled operators from tampering with the key parameters. Sipadv.exe, with the full control set, is intended for company approved users and offers unrivalled flexibility in system control optimisation and monitoring.

Optional Sizergh Controller system items are: Rotary selector; LCD display; World-wide power board and Front panel.

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