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Sizergh Controller

Packaged Sizergh controllerThe Flow C3 Systems Sizergh Controller enables easy, closed loop, system control with selection, display and data logging. The systems may be freestanding or integrated with a PC interface. Each system displays and records selected and achieved performance e.g. flow or pressure.

Sizergh Interface Programme

Sizergh Interface Programme screen shotThe Sizergh Interface Programme (SIP) runs on a Windows platform (others in devt.) and communicates, remotely if required, via the controller serial port. The SIP can be used to adjust the set point, select what is recorded, alter data logging rate and the controller dynamics. Logged .sip data can be printed, saved and e-mailed to SIP or spreadsheet programmes for analysis.

"Patent Box" USP: Any qualifying income from equipment incorporating our Patented, Advanced, Closed Loop Sizergh Controller (with or withour software) from any UK manufacturer, in any Industry, will attract a “Patent Box” reduction of Corporation Tax to 14% FY 2013-4 decreasing to 10% FY 2017-8. Do use us to help your active development of your “Patent Box” range. For SMEs our work could qualify for a 225% R & D tax Credit.


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